A Focus on Indexing

Most of our work is indexing, but we also do writing, editing, and website development.

Breadth of background is enormously helpful in any publishing work. We read extensively. When we aren't working, we still read.

We have both traveled extensively. We live in Seattle, but we both spent three winters in New York City. In the 1980s, we spent an academic year as budget travelers in the developing world. We were in some of the most challenged neighborhoods in Calcutta, Jakarta, and other major cities in the developing world.

Judi is the indexer. She has indexed a wide range of books, including many medical, technical, business, and general interest books. She is always happy to explore new topics.

Judi's breadth is helpful with diverse materials. Social justice materials? She will index them with sensitivity.

Judi's Background:

  • Indexing since 1999
  • BA, Anthropology
  • MLS, former university reference librarian
  • Budget travel in Australia (including the Outback), Egypt, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the United Kingdom
  • Ongoing interest in US and Canadian Indigenous art and culture and in folk art and cultures from around the world.