We have been writing professionally since 1983. We have written journal articles, technical reports, and manuals for audiences with advanced degrees and high levels of technical expertise. We have experience with healthcare, software, commercial aircraft, electric utilities, commercial food processing, nuclear facilities, and politics.

We have also helped develop, write, and usability test equipment installation and maintenance procedures intended for engineers and technicians. In addition, we have written fact sheets, letters, and other items for public and legislative consumption.

Documentation includes both proprietary items covered by non-disclosure agreements and non-proprietary items intended for a broader readership. We have experience with both original writing and ghostwriting. We can write equally successfully for highly select audiences and for the general public.

Merging and Editing

We have extensive experience editing documents in a broad range of subjects with highly varying degrees of complexity. Our forte is substantive and developmental editing. We can merge the work of several authors and edit or rewrite as necessary to ensure complete, cohesive documents.

Information Searching

We have broad, ongoing experience researching a wide range of topics in both print and online sources. Judi is a reference librarian with experience in university, engineering, and medical settings.

Judi currently serves as the reference librarian for the Danny Schneller Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the healthcare of residents of Washington State's residential centers for the profoundly developmentally disabled and for some developmentally disabled residents in community care.

This position requires staying abreast of the medical literature and preparing updates for healthcare professionals throughout the state and in a few out-of-state facilities. Judi also provides occasional medical reference service.

Website Development

For several years, Alan has been developing and maintaining websites for non-profits, artists, and art galleries, among others. These include:

Alan has a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and an M.S. in electrical engineering, with a concentration in signal processing. While working on his Ph.D., he also earned a graduate minor in mathematics. He has been a research scientist, applied mathematician, and university faculty member.